Built to last.

Lower Energy Bills
Dundas Doors and Windows only sells North Star windows which are designed to keep inside temperatures comfortable and keeping cold, wet and the summer’s high temperatures outside. To increase the efficiency of our new windows we use Low –E glass that features a near invisible coating that reduces heat loss while allowing in maximum light.

Go Green
Use the sun’s natural heating and cooling abilities to go green and help your energy bills. Our North Star windows offers several unique glass coating types to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Peace & Quiet
Our easy to open and close windows also provide a great means to block out unwanted noise from traffic or the neighborhood. The Super Spacer technology and built into North Start Windows offers the “QUIET” while the fusion welding process on our vinyl frames adds strength and ensures a perfect seal.

Window Features

E-Z Screen
E-Z screen features a hidden retention system, allowing you to simply push down on the screen for easy removal for cleaning your windows.

Nesting Handles
You won’t need two hands to close our North Star windows. The nesting folding handles make closing easy. The low profile nesting handles the wide variety of window styles a sleek, elegant look. Several hardware finishes are available for all hardware options.

Match Your Décor
North Star windows are custom built to suit your style, in custom shapes, styles, colours and grilles to enhance your home’s appearance – inside and out. For the interior trim, you can choose either standard white or enjoy the warmth of an oak finish, which is available in two tones.

Choose Your WINDOWS by first selecting the QUALITY of WINDOW that saves you money:

BOW WINDOWSAlmost any opening can become an instant greenhouse or relaxing nook with a striking bow window. Comprised of any combination of four to five individual windows, both insulated and non-insulated head and seat options are available.

PICTURE WINDOWSAvailable in extrusions that match all of our operating windows, the picture window’s simplicity makes it the most versatile of our line. They can be combined in a series of fixed and operable windows to enhance your décor and view.

SINGLE & DOUBLE HUNG WINDOWSSingle and double hung tilt windows deliver traditional beauty with improved security, lower maintenance and increased energy efficiency. Featuring cam locks and recessed finger latches, the sashes slide and tilt in for easy, safe cleaning.

CASEMENT WINDOWSContemporary styling and convenience is built right in to offer clean sightlines for an unobstructed view. They open and close easily with the simple turn of a handle. Durable multi-point locking hardware comes standard.

AWNING WINDOWSAwning windows improve airflow and protect your home from the elements, making them an excellent solution for basements, near walkways or above doors and other windows for increased ventilation and light.

BAY WINDOWSFew styles outshine the bay for beautifying a home’s exterior and flooding natural light into interior spaces. Projecting outward from a wall at 30 or 45 degree angles to create a cozy alcove, any combination of windows can be used to create a beautiful bay window.

CUSTOM SHAPE WINDOWSMake your house not only a home but also a work of art by adding custom shape picture or single hung windows. They are designed just for you to enhance the style and architectural detailing of your home.

HORIZONTAL SLIDER WINDOWSOffering a large, unobstructed view, our sliders operate with finger-tip ease. Sashes of our single and double lift sliders, and three-lite end vent sliders lift out for cleaning, while double tilt slider windows tilt in for easy room-side cleaning.

Reminder when purchasing your new entry door
Only buy from a reputable manufacturer, who sells products made in North America, and does the installation themselves.