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Bob’s knowledge of windows and doors is extensive which helps his
customers buy the right style of windows and doors that not only best suits the style of home, but also the lifestyle of the family. His entertaining personality  might be a reflection of his talent as part of the Mississauga Delta Blues Band.


Techinal Support

Phone: 905.896.1448
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Rainer is the technical wizard of the company, making sure all windows
and doors are both manufactured to leading industry specifications and
installed for years of reliable service and for maximum energy savings.


Step 1

• Visit your home, measure opening, ask last minute questions

Step 2

• Custom build frame (finger-jointed pine) and attach thermally broken sill to the unique size and shape of the customer’s requirements

• Wood frame is filled, primed, buffed & painted to perfection

• Precision cut-outs are made to the steel or fibreglass door to accept any glass or panel design selected by the customer

• Door panels are bored to accept standard or custom hardware

• The frame and the door panel are prepared and primed to prepare for painting

• The frame and door panel are buffed to achieve a superior surface finish and then the door and frame are painted with a custom paint finish

• High quality ball bearing hinges are applied to the door, which is then mounted (along with sidelites and transoms – if ordered) to the frame

• Side panels are secured with wood glazing stops – a neat and modern method of attaching the side panels to the frame.

• A substantial multi-finned, adjustable vinyl sweep is applied to the bottom of the door

• Weatherstripping and corner seals are installed around the perimeter of the door frame to ensure a virtual seal between the door unit and the elements

• Our door systems are built to the proper dimensions, allowing for an easier and more effective installation; yet more importantly, increasing energy efficiency, security and peace of mind.