1 Your existing windows and even more so your front door is costing you money with the amount of heat loss due to leaking area inside your home.
2 Upgrading to new windows significantly reduces your energy bill in summer & winter.
3 Your existing front door contributes to an even greater energy loss than your existing windows because of excess wear when it is opened and closed several times a day.
4 New doors and windows also significantly upgrade the resale value of your home.
5 A new front door not only adds style to your entry way, it also significantly adds curb appear to your home.
6 A poor door or window installation dramatically reduces the benefits of the new door or window and that’s why Dundas D&W installs all its own products.



All Northstar window frames feature a full 3 ¼” mulit-chamber construction for maximum strength and rigidity. All sashes and frames are fusion miter welded for a positive seal and improved strength. The recessed drain covers utilize reticulated foam to keep bugs out while allowing water to drain. All windows are made from 100% maintenance free white vinyl (or clean colored vinyl) and will not warp, crack, peel or rot, and will never need painting). Learn More

Entry Doors and Garden Doors:

All entry and garden are available in solid wood, steel & fiberglass and are manufactured in our shop and are installed by our own staff to guarantee the home owner the best possible quality, performance and a long service life. Learn More

Interior Doors/French Door

All French Doors are 1 3/8″ solid wood and are available in clear pin, cedar and oak with a variety of glass insert options. Learn More

Patio Doors

Dundas D&W offers an extensive line of patio doors, including a combination patio door french door combination system that allows you to entertain with opening extending beyond eight feet. Our patio door systems include Low E argon for maximum thermal efficiency, interior oak handle, security bar, foot lock, lock & key and five exterior colours. Learn More

Storm Doors & Porch Enclosures

Our storm doors have reinforced die cast corners, heavy-duty hinges with oil-lite bearings, 3mm tempered glass, black durable aluminum screen, superior weatherstripping and baked enamel finish in a variety of colours.

Porch enclosures add valuable inside space to your home for anything from a new family room to a simple mud room to leave shoes and storage. They are all custom made and provide year-round versatility, beauty and comfort. Learn More

Vinyl Shutters

Our elegant, louvered style shutters are made of solid vinyl to prevent peeling, warping or cracking, available in several colours, and are very low maintenance and easy to clean. Learn More

Amarr Garage Doors:

Dundas Windows & Doors sells and installs Amarr garage doors, one of the world’s leading brands in design and manufacturing of garage door access systems. We offer over 12 distinct designs with innovative features like Safeguard Pinch Protection and varying levels of Energy efficiency to suit every budget. Learn More

Dundas Windows & Doors has been successfully selling and installing the industry’s leading doors, windows and garage door products and accessories for over 36 years.