Author: dundas

What is Energy Star?

What is it?

Energy Star is a government backed labeling program that helps the people and organizations save money and reduce green house emissions by identifying equipment such as office equipment, appliances, homes, and of course doors and windows.

Why Does it Matter to me?

According to the department of Natural Resources of Canada purchasing Energy Star qualified doors, windows, and skylights will:

  • Reduce your home energy costs by 7 to 12 percent
  • Reduce or eliminate cold drafts
  • Collect less condensation
  • Reduce noise from outside

An Energy Star qualifying product will have many of these features in order to qualify for the program

  • Double or triple glazing with a sealed insulating glass unit
  • Low-E Gas
  • Inert gas, such as argon or krypton
  • Low-conductivity or ‘warm edge’ spacer bars
  • Insulated frames, sashes and door cores
  • Good air tightness

But at the end of the day Energy Star Products save you money in the long run!